Tree Harvest

Share your fruit with the community.

Got Fruit?

Have a fruit tree that produces more than you can use? We can help pick and share it! When your fruit is ripe, we’ll send over a team of fruit pickers to harvest your tree and split the harvest three ways – ⅓ is offered to you, ⅓ is shared amongst the volunteers, and ⅓ is delivered by cargo bike to a social service agency in your community.

Tree Registrant Membership

To grow and sustain Toronto’s fruit harvest, we ask Tree Registrants to become a member and contribute just $40/year to cover the costs of the harvest and support the expansion of our program. Your support of $40/year allows you to request unlimited picks, and you’ll also receive discounts at our local business partners. We’ll also clean your yard of fallen fruit. Membership expires on January 1st every year.

Where We Pick

For season’s past we operated in the downtown core, south of Eglinton, east of Jane, west of Victoria Park and north of the waterfront. This year we will be expanding our borders to capture more fruit trees.

This year, we are expanding into Etobicoke (Royal York, The Gardiner and Dundas) and into Scarborough (Birchmount, St. Clair East, to the Bluffs). If your tree falls within this area, we’re able to pick it this year!

Your Impact

By sharing your bounty with NFFTT, you make an impact directly in your community. Your yard becomes a hotbed for community connection, bringing people from all walks to life together to enjoy the bounty. ⅓ of the fruit from your tree is donated directly to a social service agency in your neighbourhood. Together these agencies feed over 4,000 people and incorporate your fruit into meals for their clients.

Why Memberships?

Your membership not only provides much needed financial support to sustain our harvest program, but also represents a belief in our mission and buy-in to the sustainable community we are building together in Toronto.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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