Ripening Guide

Learn more about the many fruits of Toronto's Urban Orchard


Popular with DIY wine makers, many varieties of grapes are also excellent for eating raw, and make great jellies and juices. Grapes are round, grow in bunches, and can be green, red or purple when fully ripe. Grapes grow on vines that have curly tendrils and lobed leaves with jagged edges.

  • August
  • September
  • October

How to tell when grapes are ripe: Grapes are ripe when they are juicy, easy to crush or tear with your fingers, and taste sweet rather than tart. The pulp will be white, the seeds will be brown, and there may be a white, dust-like bloom on the skin. Grapes start off green and will often change colour well before they are ripe so don’t let the colour fool you. Be sure grapes are ripe before harvesting as they will not continue to ripen after they’ve been picked. They often need another one to three weeks to develop their full sweetness after they’ve changed colour.

When to submit a Pick Request: We’ll need some advance notice to schedule your pick, so please submit a fruit pick request 3-5 days before your fruit is ready. Be sure to check grapes on different parts of the vine, both sun-drenched and shaded bunches.

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