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Picks & Preserves: Making Fruit Magic with Kat Sylvester

Young mother smiles facing the camera, with young daughter wrapping her arms around mother's neck and pressing her face against her mothers, looking into the camera with a slight smile.

Partner Agency Profile: YWCA Toronto’s Women’s Shelter

Winter Tree Care!

Caterpillar Tree Banding!

Were your harvested apples or pears visually imperfect? Find out why and ways in which you can help prevent these critters from damaging your fruit for the season to come!

2021 Season (To Date)

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Partner Agencies
(Registered and unregistered)

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Picks Hosted

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32,048 lbs

Pounds Picked

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15,198 lbs

Pounds Donated

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Trees Registered

Since 2008

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Total Picks
to Date

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Number of
Registered Trees

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231,037 lbs

Total Pounds

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81,527 lbs

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