Summer pruning of apricot and cherry trees is necessary for tree health!

It is necessary to prune apricot trees at least once every year. Pruning your tree not only helps it look better, but also encourages new growth and helps the tree produce more fruit each year. Trimming away any dead or unwanted branches increases light and airflow, which improves your tree’s overall health. Read on and you will end up with a healthy tree that provides plenty of fruit each year!

When to prune?

  • Ideally prune your tree right after you harvest fruit. The tree will still be growing and it will heal quicker and grow more branches and therefore, more fruit for next year!
  • Avoid pruning too late. It may seem counterintuitive, but pruning encourages growth!
  • Wait until late summer to enable the tree to heal and prevent disease.

What you need to prune?

  • You’ll need a ladder, sharp shears and a pruning saw.
  • (It is important to sterilize your tools in a 10% bleach solution or rubbing alcohol for 30 seconds to make sure they’re clean and won’t transmit disease.
  • With these things in mind, and tools in hand, you are ready for summer pruning.

How to prune?

  • Cut away any dead, diseased, or damaged branches.
  • Cut off branches that grow straight down or towards the middle of the tree. If these branches are not pruned, they may interfere with the growth of healthier branches.
  • Cut any branches competing with one another, like where branches grow out of the same spot. Simply keep the healthiest one.
  • Thin out the entire tree by removing almost 1/3 of the branches overall. Apricot trees grow quickly and therefore need more pruning than other fruit bearing trees. Make sure you prune evenly throughout the height of the tree. If your tree is newer you can cut more branches off, and less if it is older.

Remember not to feel too overwhelmed about how to prune. Even expert arborists all have different approaches. Even a little bit of pruning will go a long way! Check out the videos below if you get stuck!

 Let us know how it goes!


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