Five Things To Do With Serviceberries (including pie!)

Not Far From the Tree calls them serviceberries, I call them Saskatoon berries. Some people call them juneberries or shadberries or sugar pears. Whatever you call them, they’re delicious, and hiding in plain sight all around Toronto! Often planted as ornamental trees, folks don’t often know that the berries aren’t just edible, they’re part of […] READ MORE

8 Things To Do With Cherries That Aren’t Cherry Pie

It’s official! Cherry season is here. With our first cherry pick scheduled for today, I thought I’d share my next collection of Things To Do With Fruit. Unlike rhubarb, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of non-food things to do with cherries, but that’s okay – half the time when I have cherries, they […] READ MORE

Repost: Apricots 4 Ways

I must admit that before volunteering with Not Far From The Tree, I knew little about cooking with fruit, let alone fruit that had been picked locally. I’ve learned so much in the time that I’ve been at the social media helm both from the content I post, as well as our volunteers. One such […] READ MORE

Pretty Perfect Pancake

Summer’s outdoor markets have moved indoors, we’ve time traveled with daylight savings time, the last of Not Far From The Tree’s trees have been picked clean and winter has given us a blanket of snow. This time of year we want to find fun activities to do in the warmth of home. After my first […] READ MORE

Golden Eggcellence

This time of year eggs are a prominent feature of celebration in many cultures. There is much mythology and symbolism surrounding the egg, and for good reason. Eggs are the beginning of life as well as a means to sustain the body. Many movies featuring the dark arts showcase the power of an egg when a […] READ MORE

Taking A Bite Into History: Peach Cobbler Recipe

With January over and the chaos around New Year’s resolutions and unpaid credit cards bills coming to an end, we are finally getting back into the groove of life after the holidays. We are now able to relax for a bit READ MORE

Crab apple concoctions

Recently I found myself with a small mountain of crab apples from a late season pick. I’ve always been a fan of these underdog edibles. Sure crab apples don’t make a great first impression when sampled raw or pelted at you READ MORE

Apple picking with Richmond Station

This time of year, we are up to our eyeballs in apples! Some trees produce a LOT of fruit – sometimes 400 or 500 pounds worth – and tree owners with especially prolific trees often don’t want their full third of the harvest. READ MORE

Elderberry cocktails

I recently produced a batch of Elderberry Syrup to be served in a non-alcoholic cocktail for our 2012 End of Season Celebration. A small three pound harvest of elderberries was able to produce 2 litres of syrup, the main ingredient in this cocktail. I kept a little 250 ml jar for myself so that I […] READ MORE