We’re Hiring! Are you our next Project Director?

Farewell to Megan!

We’re bidding a sweet aideu to our Project Director, Megan Anevich, as she embarks on a new adventure in Hamilton. We’re sad for us, but happy for her. Join us in wishing her well on her new chapter!

Here are her pear-ting words:


Hi NFFTT community!

It’s bittersweet to announce my departure from NFFTT. I’ve recently moved to Hamilton and am sad to leave such a wonderful organization, but am looking forward to working locally in my new community.

I’m so grateful to have spent my last 5 years at Not Far From The Tree and working with you all. This was a literal “dream job” back when I was in Environment and Resources Studies at University.

Looking back, the best part about working at NFFTT has been the cherries. Just kidding! It’s been working with and meeting so many amazing people in Toronto who are dedicated to making the community a better place to be. I’m very much in awe of all the volunteers – especially our amazing Pick Leaders – who dedicate so much time to picking and sharing fruit with their neighbours. If you’ve ever pushed 200 pounds of apples in a cargo bike up the hill from Davenport to St. Clair you’ll understand just how dedicated they are. I remember showing up to one pick this past year in a torrential downpour (and pandemic!), ready to turn around and go home, and all the other fruit pickers were happy to tough it out, not even a little bit phased. This is the dedication that makes it possible to share 15,000+ pounds of fruit during the season. 

Then there’s all our tree registrants who have absolutely gorgeous fruit, and are so willing to open their yard to strangers to ensure it can be shared widely. I’m also so happy to have had the chance to connect with many of our partners through group picks, preserving workshops and cider pressing events to put the harvest to good use. A huge thank you to everyone who makes this work possible. It’s very cool, and as cliche as it is, fruit trees truly have the power to bring people together.

Who knows, maybe it’s time to revive the Hamilton Fruit Tree Project 😉 I may have already noticed a fruit tree (or several) in my new neighbourhood already – thanks fruit goggles! 

Are you our next Project Director?

This also means we’re initiating a search for a new Project Director!

If you, or anyone you know would be a great fit, we welcome you to apply. Our dedicated Steering Committee will be overseeing the recruitment process, and will be supporting you through what’s looking to be an exciting and fruitful 2021 season!

Fruitfully yours,


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