Things to Do With Mulberries That Aren’t Pie!

It’s mulberry season and there are so many reasons to gather mulberries! First of all, they’re incredibly healthy.  Mulberries are loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Mulberries are also quite easy to harvest and very versatile. They’re also tasty. Unlike lots of wild fruits that require sweetening or processing to be palatable, ripe mulberries are delicious fresh off the tree. 

Mulberries are practically falling from the sky this time of year, so there’s no good reason not to put them to use.  I enjoy them eaten plain out of hand, but there are also all kinds of wonderful ways to use large bounties of these versatile little berries.  

You can dry them on trays in the sun or in a warm oven. Just spread them on pans and stir them occasionally. Remove them when they’re no longer tacky to the touch. When you store them you can shake the jar/bag to redistribute moisture to keep them from molding.

You can flash freeze your mulberries and then scoop them all into a bag to use all year round. You can use them on cereal or yogurt, serve them as part of a dessert, make jam, freeze some ice pops or blend with water, a splash of lemon juice and some sugar or honey for a refreshing mulberry slushee, or even muddle them up in a cocktail!



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