Thank You GARDENA Canada!

We’ve been using GARDENA products for years, and this year, we’ve finally got to know the good folks at GARDENA Canada. That’s why this fruit season, we’re excited to announce them as our 2019 Official Picking Equipment Sponsor!

They’ve offered us a generous discount on a number of different fruit picking tools, as well as new pruning equipment that we’ll be using in our future Orchard Stewards tree care program. In addition to being great folks, we’re excited to partner with GARDENA because their products are the most durable and versatile out there. With over 300 fruit picks every season, we need picking equipment that will stand up to everything our dedicated fruit pickers put it through.

One of our favourite products is the combisystem Telescopic Handle. While we mostly use this handle to attach Fruit Picker heads (the iconic blue finger-like baskets that help us pick high up fruits), there are a plethora of other heads you can attach to it.

Rakes, trimmers, pruners, plowers, brooms, seed spreaders, and even ice scrapers – if there’s a tool that you could imagine wanting to attach to an extendable handle, you can bet GARDENA makes it! We haven’t yet acquired the full arsenal (though we’re tempted), but we did pick up a pair of garden saws, as well as some extendable bypass pruners in preparation for our foray into the world of fruit tree care.

Of all the cool attachments you can get for these handles, perhaps the one we’re fawning over most is the combisystem Fruit Collector, which *literally* picks up fallen fruit off the ground for you! This attachment would be great for any fruit tree owner who can’t wait ‘till NFFTT gets there to clean up their yard.

Any fruit tree owner looking to take their yard game to the next level would do well to pick up a combisystem telescopic handle. Having used them for years, we can certainly vouch for them, and with a seemingly endless supply of super cool attachments, there’s no end to what you can accomplish in your yard this season!

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