Partner Agency Profile: YWCA Toronto’s Women’s Shelter

We’ll provide nutritious local food for mothers and their children.

They’ll provide emergency shelter from violence.

About the Agency: YWCA Women’s Shelter provides emergency shelter for women and children fleeing violence.

How does NFFTT help? Our Pick Leaders can select the YWCA Women’s Shelter as their designated partner agency when scheduling their fruit picks. When this happens, the Women’s Shelter receive an e-notification letting them know to expect a delivery of freshly picked, locally sourced fruit! The shelter is currently accepting NFFTT donations of sweet cherries, apricots, plums, apples, pears, and grapes. Their kitchen staff will be able to put the fruit to good use, creating delicious and healthy meals for their clients.

What is their program like? YWCA Women’s Shelter program offers a safe, furnished room for every woman and their children, a welcome kit upon arrival (including toiletries and personal care items), nutritious & culturally-appropriate meals, secure building with closed circuit cameras, access to a clothing bank, indoor & outdoor children’s playgrounds, a community garden, and more.

What other services do they provide? Services provided to their participants include: one-on-one counselling, help finding affordable housing, referrals to lawyers, doctors, and other community resources, experienced staff that can speak 20+ different languages, as well as ongoing support after they leave the shelter.

To learn more about YWCA Toronto Women’s Shelter program, visit their website.

Check out YWCA Toronto on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

For their 24-hour phone line, contact: 416-693-7342

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