Volunteer at City Cider!

Do you love delicious food and homegrown Ontario cider? Are you hoping to complete volunteer hours, add more to your resume or just volunteer for fun? If any of these apply, we want you to volunteer at City Cider! City Cider is Not Far From The Tree’s all-ages urban harvest celebration put on in partnership with […] READ MORE

Workshop in Review: Pests & Disease Prevention

Last Saturday, Susan Poizner of the Orchard People returned with the third installment of her Tree Care Workshop series, this time talking about the prevention and treatment of pests and diseases. Here are some effective ways to prevent your fruit tree from contracting pests or diseases: Practice good hygiene. Sterilize your tools with rubbing alcohol […] READ MORE

Cider, Cider, Cider!

Apple season is coming up, and with the typical large bounty that comes from each tree, it can be difficult to consume so many apples in the short amount of time that they are optimal. Many of the agencies we serve with fresh fruit each year have at times been unable to take in all […] READ MORE

Everyone Needs a Haircut: Tree Care Workshop #2 Look-Back

Sunday was our second class in Susan Poizner’s four-part workshop series on caring for your fruit tree, and it was all about pruning! If you want to read about Workshop #1 first, click here. The first portion of the workshop was classroom style, where we learned everything there is to know about pruning fruit trees […] READ MORE

All About Aphids

Diagnosing and Treating This Tree Pest Recently we’ve received a lot of questions regarding aphids, and because we want your fruit trees to be as healthy as possible, we did a little research on this particular tree pest. Aphids are these tiny, pear-shaped guys that come in a variety of colours, most commonly green, red, […] READ MORE

Our First Tree Care Workshop in a Nutshell

Last Wednesday, June 14, was the first day of our Fruit Tree Care Workshops, led by fruit tree care educator Susan Poizner of Orchard People. Susan’s first of four workshops on tree care was called “Growing Healthy Organic Fruit Trees: Secrets to Success”. Susan walked us through 10 secrets to successfully planting, maintaining, and growing […] READ MORE

Get To Know Our Summer Students!

With picking season nearly here,we’ve recruited two summer students to help with smooth sailing as the cherry/berry madness begins! Our new Logistics and Equipment Assistant is Chiara Ferroro-Wong (on the right), and our Community Animator is Sophie Ciglen (on the left). Chiara will helping with any equipment issues across our storage locations and leading some […] READ MORE

New Tree Care Workshop Series

Fruit trees make up a vital (and delicious) part of Toronto’s tree canopy, and many of them are right in your own backyard. But maintaining healthy, successful trees is not always easy! Join us for a four-part workshop series where fruit tree care educator Susan Poizner will teach growers how to ensure their trees thrive and […] READ MORE

Summer Student Jobs

Calling All Students! Spring is in full effect and with all the wet weather and warming temperatures we’re looking forward to a productive fruiting season in Toronto! We’re currently seeking two summer students this season to hire on for our Logistics and Equipment Assistant and Community Animator roles. Each role will be: 30 Hours per […] READ MORE