Maintain & Diagnose Your Trees This Summer

Posted June 27, 2018 by: Fruit Master

Maintain & Diagnose Your Trees This Summer

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Maintain & Diagnose Your Trees This Summer

Our gardens are now in full swing, and the beauty of our trees and shrubs is on full display. Now is the time to make sure we are keeping our plants well-groomed and looking their best. It is also a good time to diagnose any problems with the health of our trees.

Spot the Signs

Does the foliage look weak or discoloured? Have you noticed some spots where leaves did not come out at all? There are many reasons that your plants may not look as expected in the summer, and your arborist can help you diagnose these issues. It could be a soil issue carried over from last year; maybe there was a construction project on your property or a neighbouring property in the last few years. Tree damage from construction can sometimes take a few years to become noticeable.

Luckily, your arborist can develop all types of custom plans to help get your trees back on track. These can range from Tree Protection Plans for construction projects, to pest management, to soil care.

Keep Them Hydrated

In the case of another particularly hot and dry summer, we can make sure your tree gets enough to drink with soil treatments and aeration tubes. For your gardens and landscapes, we can offer water management solutions like dry-wells and downspouts.

We can also tell you which drought-tolerant plants you can include in your landscape plans if you want to add to your tree’s happy home this summer.

Keep Them Tidy

Make sure that your shrubs don’t get neglected this summer. Your smaller plants are often key components to your landscape and need regular care. We bring the groomer to you and can give them a trim for tidiness and structure, and foliar sprays to help strengthen and beautify their leaves.

Our goal is to help you get the most out of your yards and gardens during these summer months by making your trees and plants as healthy and maintained as possible.

Be good to your trees.

Because your trees are good to you.