Farewell to Our Wonderful Social Media Volunteer Heidi Tsao

Posted September 24, 2018 by: Fruit Master

Farewell to Our Wonderful Social Media Volunteer Heidi Tsao

This fall, we’re saying goodbye to our dedicated social media volunteer Heidi Tsao. Over the past 4.5 years, Heidi has grown our presence across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and responded to and retweeted countless messages. She’s been an advocate of our work online and out in the field. As Heidi says, “food is such a common denominator. Beyond just fuel, there’s a social aspect around it. Not only do we like to eat, but we like to talk about eating. So it really brings people together.”

Heidi — a sincere heartfelt thanks from the entire Not Far From The Tree team for bringing our community together around food. We’re extremely grateful for all your support and hard work over the years. Looking forward to seeing you out there in the trees!

Read on below for Heidi’s final farewell post!

Farewell to NFFTT Social Media with Some of my Flavour-ite Posts

In October of 2012, I went to a TEDx conference and my life became exponentially more fruitful. That day, I saw Laura Reinsborough do her TEDx Talk and learned about Not Far From The Tree. The idea that we are living in an urban orchard, and there is free food growing all around us, was a lightbulb moment for me. I had to get involved. Signed up to volunteer that night.

Any opportunity to incorporate Drake into our content

Fast forward to the beginning of 2014 when the call came out for a volunteer social media coordinator. With a professional digital marketing background and having volunteered for The Santa Claus Parade doing social media, I guess Becky and Laura figured I was an OK fit. With the direction to inform and engage with a “folksy” voice and plenty of puns, I took over the fruity channels that March.

Collaborating with some truly talented folks, like Ashley Barron, who created these adorable fruit guys for our 2015 #StopLonelyFruit fundraising campaign

In the 4½ years I’ve been the voice of NFFTT on social, I’ve played a part in so many plum initiatives from fundraising, to helping plan and promote events, to sharing our latest news. There have been juicy opportunities too, like presenting at Be Good Be Social, speaking to Helena Moncrieff’s Humber College PR writing class, and interviewing former Mayor David Miller.

That time I embarrassed my kid by busting out some dance moves in front of all these people

But my flavour-ite part has been connecting with all the passionate people who dedicate their time and energy picking and sharing fruit. In this big city full of skyscrapers, fast cars, and sometimes political commotion, sharing conversation and images of smiling people — perched on ladders, balanced on branches, or otherwise reaching up into the foliage of a tree to pluck from it a sun-warmed apple, pear, plum, or an elusive apricot, hands stained from cherries, mulberries, sticky from grape juice — has been an honour and bushels of fun.

Sharing conversations I’ve had with people behind the scenes (with permission) and watching the ripple effect
Our gleaners are truly passionate and sharing their passion has been a joy

But now it is time for me to mango. This past summer, I took some time away from posting duties, reprioritized a bit, and decided to give someone else a chance at this most a-peeling opportunity. Thank you to all the Project Directors, Megan Anevich, Sue Arndt, Danielle Goldfinger, and of cores, Laura Reinsborough, for the chance to learn so much about the bounty our ripe city has to offer. Also for your trust in just letting me have at it with pretty much whatever weird ideas I had (remember guerrilla #FruitGoggles?). Thanks also to all the grape staff and board members—you’re all peachy!

That time there was no fruit and we needed a way to tell people how come

Although I’m handing over the social media keys, I’m still doing picks, so I hope to see you up in trees soon and in the future. And if you find you’re missing the puns and oddness, follow me @SneidiTee.

It’s been a slice!