Fall Health Check

Posted September 25, 2018 by: Fruit Master

Fall Health Check

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Fall Health Check

Fall is here and it’s time to give your trees their annual Tree Health Check-Up!

Your trees have worked hard this spring and summer, cleaning our air and providing us with some much-needed shade! Your tree has been through a lot — with wild storms and extreme heat — and it could use a house call.

Some things you’ll want to look for are:

– Weather-related stress, like leaves dropping or changing colour earlier than expected
– Cracked or damaged limbs that may become a problem during a winter storm
– Branches hanging over eavestroughs and rubbing against rooftops

What can your arborist do to complete your tree’s health check?

Once clearance and preservation pruning have been done, this time of year you really want to lay the groundwork for winter – literally. You should focus on your trees’ roots and ensure that your soil can provide all of the oxygen and nutrients your trees will need to get through the dormant season, and be in top shape for next year.

Biostimulants and Fertilization (left), Soil De-compaction (right)
Biostimulants and Fertilization

An application of fall-formulated deep root fertilizer and a biostimulant soil conditioner (like Cohen & Master’s custom ArborGain) will make sure your soils are in top-shape and can give your roots the nutrients they need this fall.

Soil Decompaction

You want to make sure your trees have enough room to breathe in their soil – roots will continue to grow throughout the fall (even after the leaves have fallen) and you want to give them space to do so. We de-compact soil with our supersonic air spade tool, and install aeration tubes in the root zone of your tree for extra breathing room and water infiltration.

Salt Buster

Fall will quickly become winter, and with winter comes salt, salt and more salt! Even if you do not use salt on your property, front yards are highly susceptible to city street spray and wind gusts. Salty soils are very damaging to trees and plants that you will only notice in the spring when symptoms show up. An application of Salt Buster in late fall/early winter will keep your plants and lawns salt-free and looking great come spring.

A well-prepared landscape will help your trees and plants have a more productive winter’s nap, and help them wake up in spring healthy and ready to thrive!

Arrange for your Tree Health Check-up today!

Be good to your trees.

Because your trees are good to you.