Repost: Apricots 4 Ways

I must admit that before volunteering with Not Far From The Tree, I knew little about cooking with fruit, let alone fruit that had been picked locally. I’ve learned so much in the time that I’ve been at the social media helm both from the content I post, as well as our volunteers. One such […] READ MORE

Repost: Harvesting Toronto’s hidden fruit bounty

Danielle Klassen started Food Explore as a way to explore alternative ideas for a more socially conscious and environmentally sustainable food system, locally. We were lucky to have her along on a pick earlier this July. Here’s what she had to say about it. Originally posted at On a recent Sunday evening, seven Torontoians, most […] READ MORE

The Autumn Garden

It is harvest season. Whether your garden is on a balcony, on a roof or in the backyard there is preparation that needs to be done for the winter months. Once your plants have ripened and you’ve gathered all the fruits, pull up anything that isn’t a perennial. Put the discarded plant stems in a yard […] READ MORE

Warning Pests: No Trespassing

As many an apartment dweller, block party planner or park user knows you don’t always have control over who ends up beside you. The same goes for our gardens. We invite the pollinators to the fiesta but with that come many pests that will eat or damage your home crop before you get a taste […] READ MORE

Book Review: Growing Urban Orchards by Susan Poizner

Not Far From The Tree was featured as an “Orchard Inspiration” in Growing Urban Orchards by Toronto’s very own Susan Poizner. Thanks for sharing about our program Susan! Here’s our review of Growing Urban Orchards: Growing Urban Orchards: The Ups, Downs, and How-Tos of Fruit Tree Care in the City is Susan Poizner’s fruit tree-growing […] READ MORE

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Gardens! Pt. 2

Victoria Day weekend isn’t just for celebrating the return of warm weather; it’s also the time many Canadians use to indicate the return to our gardens. If you haven’t already, it’s time to prick out and thin the weaker seedlings, giving the stronger plants room to thrive. As mentioned in an earlier post, the date of […] READ MORE

Balcony Gardening for Newbies!

I am a huge green thumb optimist which means that every year I make extensive plans that encompass many gardening dreams. For example, last year I attempted to grow Nasturtiums because the seed pods can be pickled to create an item similar to capers. Unfortunately, my thumb is so black that I have, in five […] READ MORE

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Gardens! Pt. 1

Last week we learned how to save seeds. This week we’ll learn how to start them indoors to get you on your way to a home grown harvest. On average seeds need to be planted 4-6 weeks before READ MORE

Seed Saving: The Basics

Saving seeds is an easy and interesting change you can make to your gardening plan this year. Seed saving is the process of reserving and/or collecting plant seeds from the current year’s crop to plant READ MORE