Our Founder: One of Canada’s Top Change Makers

Canadian Living Magazine has recognized our one and only founder, Laura Reinsborough, as one of Canada’s top change makers! We’re pretty excited that readers across the country will have a chance to learn about Laura and Not Far From The Tree, and hopefully be inspired to make change in their own backyards. Pick up a […] READ MORE

Book Review: Growing Urban Orchards by Susan Poizner

Not Far From The Tree was featured as an “Orchard Inspiration” in Growing Urban Orchards by Toronto’s very own Susan Poizner. Thanks for sharing about our program Susan! Here’s our review of Growing Urban Orchards: Growing Urban Orchards: The Ups, Downs, and How-Tos of Fruit Tree Care in the City is Susan Poizner’s fruit tree-growing […] READ MORE

Apple picking with Richmond Station

This time of year, we are up to our eyeballs in apples! Some trees produce a LOT of fruit – sometimes 400 or 500 pounds worth – and tree owners with especially prolific trees often don’t want their full third of the harvest. READ MORE

“How will city soil come alive again?”

I’m excited to share a cool collaboration that I was part of on behalf of Not Far From The Tree. @smarturbanstage invited me to submit a question about the future of the city and they would pluck an artist from around the globe to answer it. Here are the results: READ MORE

Cider cake and city museums

At our first ever City Cider festival at Spadina Museum, another city-run museum helped make the afternoon as magical as could be. Mackenzie House set up their printing press to show a traditional way of making multiples. They created a special plate for the event, featuring a recipe for cider cake! Mackenzie House and Spadina […] READ MORE

The Not Far From The Tree model takes root across the country!

The long weekend national edition of the Globe & Mail reports that initiatives like Not Far From The Tree are taking root across the country, and far beyond. Since its inception in 2008, Not Far From The Tree has received over 35 requests from towns and cities the world over to learn how to set […] READ MORE

Urban Foraging Tips on “Ask Torontoist”

Today’s “Ask Torontoist” is all about where to start with urban foraging. The question: “I was wondering where one might forage for wild food (not dumpster diving) in Toronto. Where could one find more info on foraging and learn where’s safe and what’s available?” The answer: Read it here. What tips, tricks, or stealth strategies […] READ MORE

Bittman takes a bite out of Toronto

Under the near-blossoms of the apple trees at Spadina Museum, I met with Mark Bittman from the New York Times yesterday. He was in town to check out how Toronto is a hotbed of urban agriculture and food security activity. We were lucky to be included as one of the three projects that he visited. […] READ MORE

UK mulberry trees misunderstood

Photo by Suzanne Long. An article in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph shouts the headline, “Mulberry trees to be felled as fruit ‘stains pavement.’” It goes on to explain that local London councillors are pushing for two mature 70ft mulberry trees to be cut down for fear of the fruit staining the newly paved surface underneath. It’s […] READ MORE