Healthy Harvest

Around this time we start to see the emergence of the current year’s cold and flu season. (Learn the difference between the two here.) As the saying goes: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Keeping a healthy diet is one way to help stave off getting sick. Lucky for you, the last picks with […] READ MORE

Millie Says: Eat Pears

Worldwide, there are over 30 primary and subspecies of edible pears, Pyrus spp., with China responsible for 12 of the 20 million tonnes produced yearly. (Editor’s note: A well-produced commercial states that for every 1 pear that we export from Canada, we import 700.) Related to the apple, there is no reason to travel the […] READ MORE

Millie Says: Eat Plums

Covering the spectrum of the rainbow within just one fruit are plums (Prunus subgenus prunus). These tasty drupes, juicy sweet or tangy-tart, share membership in the rose family with several other favourites; cherry, peach, apricot, apple, pear, quince, almond and even olive. The impressively colored flesh, especially when the fruit is fully ripe, contains an […] READ MORE

Millie Says: Eat Mulberries

Mulberries, Morus spp., native to warm and tropical areas of each continent have a long history of medicinal use. Used for centuries in Chinese and folklore medicine, as a remedy for many kinds of diseases, these little gems qualify as a group of fruit. They can be found clumped together in long and short varieties. […] READ MORE

Millie Says: Eat Cherries

Cherries, Prunus cerasus and Prunus cerasus Lambert, commonly referred to as sour cherries and bing cherries, respectively are certainly a favorite for munching… but did you know that with every handful of these crimson beasts devoured, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant chemicals, including vitamin C and proanthocyanidins, are working to soothe and repair muscles after exercise? A […] READ MORE

Millie Says: Eat Serviceberries

Not Far From The Tree is delighted to welcome a new column for our blog – our first real column! “Millie Says” is written by Millie Lytle BA, ND, C. Ht., a licensed naturopathic doctor and psychotherapist and research practitioner. Until March  2009 she worked at the START Clinic for mood and anxiety disorders where […] READ MORE