Repost: Harvesting Toronto’s hidden fruit bounty

Danielle Klassen started Food Explore as a way to explore alternative ideas for a more socially conscious and environmentally sustainable food system, locally. We were lucky to have her along on a pick earlier this July. Here’s what she had to say about it. Originally posted at On a recent Sunday evening, seven Torontoians, most […] READ MORE

Repost: “Not Far From My Heart” by Jenny Serwylo

Recently, first-time volunteer picker, Jenny Serwylo, went on a pick with us and felt so inspired, that she blogged about it. Here’s her post in full, originally posted at Fair warning: some of the language in Jenny’s post, so brimming with the passion she felt after picking and sharing fruit, is a bit salty shall […] READ MORE

Wild Backyard Pollinating Party

Pollinators of all shapes and sizes are wonderful friends for your gardens or fruit trees. Birds, bats, butterflies, bees and over 1000 species of pollinating insects work hard to give us nature’s bounty. We need these little guys if we don’t want to spend hours with a tiny paintbrush doing the work ourselves. There are […] READ MORE

The Icy Aftermath: Ice Storm Impact and Tree Maintenance Tips

Photo source: CBC News With the recent ice storm still fresh in the minds of most Torontonians, some are starting to wonder what impact this will have on our environment and the upcoming growing season. According to READ MORE

A how-to guide for a greener winter

This post was written by Not Far From The Tree volunteer, Aysha Qamar. If you have a story to share, by all means send it along to Heavy winter jackets and bulky winter boots. That’s what comes to mind for most of us during the winter season.  The cold weather may READ MORE

What’s the buzz at Spadina House

Toronto’s condo boom knows no bounds as two condo’s were recently erected in the orchard of the Spadina House Museum. Luckily these are bee condo’s. Artist Sarah Peebles built two of these bee condo’s to go into the Spadina House garden as a part of the Resonating Bodies Art project. Resonating Bodies’ projects seek to […] READ MORE

A tradition of cherries

Going on a fruit picking expedition is tradition for many families. David Suzuki recently shared his family’s annual cherry picking adventure with insight on land use, development, and our connections to food. For more updates from the David Suzuki Foundation, sign up for their newsletter. READ MORE