Five Things To Do With Serviceberries (including pie!)

Not Far From the Tree calls them serviceberries, I call them Saskatoon berries. Some people call them juneberries or shadberries or sugar pears. Whatever you call them, they’re delicious, and hiding in plain sight all around Toronto! Often planted as ornamental trees, folks don’t often know that the berries aren’t just edible, they’re part of […] READ MORE

8 Things To Do With Cherries That Aren’t Cherry Pie

It’s official! Cherry season is here. With our first cherry pick scheduled for today, I thought I’d share my next collection of Things To Do With Fruit. Unlike rhubarb, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of non-food things to do with cherries, but that’s okay – half the time when I have cherries, they […] READ MORE

Cold Streets, Warm Drinks

I’ve always been a fan of combining natural health remedies with those of institutionalized medicine. Most recently I’ve started learning about the benefits of  shrubs. No, not the plants in your yard but a warming winter libation. All joking aside, a shrub has plenty of health benefits, great for the winter months when everyone seems to be […] READ MORE