Transporting Food by Bicycle

Bicycling offers the rider a very specific type of freedom. That freedom can be used to weave carelessly through stopped vehicular traffic or to cruise aimlessly on shady park paths. Regardless of whether you are a hard-core commuter or a causal Sunday rider you will most likely encounter the need to transport food by bicycle. […] READ MORE

Bundle up and bike this Saturday

Through the blowing snow and frostbite inducing temperatures, you must have seen them: the brave souls who fearlessly hop on their bikes and navigate the icy roads all winter long. Maybe you are among the READ MORE

A West Toronto Bike Brigade

In the late fall, we found ourselves in a bit of a pickle (and not the delicious kind). The chilly weather was coming on fast and we were still without a winter home for a dozen of our beloved cargo bikes. Leaving our faithful bike fleet out in the cold was not an option, so […] READ MORE

Confessions of a Cargo Bike

Pictured: Cargo Bikes, Greasy and Big Mamma, taking a break in Bellwoods. Not Far From The Tree has a fleet of 12 cargo bikes and three trailer-hitch bikes that transport freshly-picked fruit and equipment all over the city throughout Toronto’s harvest season. Recently, we were approached READ MORE

Celebrating cycling in the city

Two weeks ago, we welcomed a new addition to our cargo bike family: a shiny blue and orange number that was generously donated by ING Direct along with a financial donation to support our 2013 harvest season! READ MORE

Tips and tricks for winter biking

The winter is upon us. There is no snow on the roads yet but the cold weather has definitely made an appearance. Thinking about braving the cold and biking through the winter this season? Here are some tips and tricks  READ MORE

E-bike laws under review

Toronto City Council is considering revising its by-laws regarding the definition of a bike. This past week Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong put forward a motion to review whether e-bikes should be included READ MORE

Mastering the cargo bike

(Thanks so much to volunteer Kathy Zimany for sharing this story. If you have a story to share about your fruit picking adventures, by all means send it along to I really like fruit, so I began volunteering with Not Far From The Tree and when the eNewsletter advertised for Supreme Gleaners, I applied. […] READ MORE