Cider, Cider, Cider!

Posted July 31, 2017 by: Fruit Master

Cider, Cider, Cider!

Apple season is coming up, and with the typical large bounty that comes from each tree, it can be difficult to consume so many apples in the short amount of time that they are optimal. Many of the agencies we serve with fresh fruit each year have at times been unable to take in all of the apples that we bring, since often each tree produces over 100lbs of apples. Because of this, we started holding cider pressing events in various areas of Toronto, to not only put good use to the apples, but to tell people about our project in a fun and interactive way!

This is the seventh year that we are running cider pressing events, and we are holding them at various farmers markets and festivals all across Toronto, as well as hosting our own. Cider pressing events are led by our Cider Squad, specially trained volunteers who are experts in the function of our cider presses. However, the purpose of the events isn’t just to taste the results, but to encourage audience participation so that the public can actually make the cider themselves!

Here are all of the events we will be at in the next couple of months:

If you are interested in joining the Cider Squad and learning how to press cider, email for more information!