Fruitful 2016 Producer Profile – Evelyn’s Crackers

Posted November 22, 2016 by: Jenna Hossack, Program Coordinator

Fruitful 2016 Producer Profile – Evelyn’s Crackers

Fruitful is back! Not Far From the Tree’s artisan preserve collection is returning for 2016, and we’re proud to feature our producing partners here on the blog.

Evelyn’s Crackers are all about the grains. Inspired by Red Fife wheat, a variety dating back to the 19th century, Dawn Woodward and Edmund Rek create crackers, granola, and more to showcase the flavour and diversity of Ontario heritage grains.

Dawn & Edmund
Dawn & Edmund

After starting out at the Evergreen Brickworks Farmers’ Market in 2008, Evelyn’s Crackers can now be found at many more markets in Toronto and dozens of fine food shops from Ontario all the way to Whitehorse! The company is named after their daughter, and their vision is based on her intense curiosity and wonder about the world, and their ambition to change the food system for her and her generation.

They use certified organic Red Fife wheat, spelt, and rye as a way to connect growers to consumers, and to promote nutrition and agricultural diversity. The grains are grown and ground here in Ontario, with flavours inspired by what’s in season locally, as well at Dawn and Ed’s international travels. They love talking to customers about what’s in their products and the importance of connecting with your food and supporting farmers. Their passion for change and delicious, sustainable grains has even attracted the attention of Slow Food International and holistic farmer Joel Salatin – but you can still count on finding them right here in your own backyard.

Find a market or store with Evelyn’s Crackers near you at! Their grape preserve with star anise is made with red and green grapes from Toronto’s west end.

Fruitful provides you with your very own batch of handcrafted products and preserves. Each item in your 2016 Fruitful batch is artisanally produced by one of five local producers with fruit hand-picked this season with Not Far From The Tree.

Fruitful packs cost $60 and can be ordered online now, with pickup starting mid-November. Only 200 packs have been crafted, so order while supplies last! More information can be found at our shop.


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