Fruitful 2016 Producer Profile – ChocoSol

Posted October 26, 2016 by: Jenna Hossack, Program Coordinator

Fruitful 2016 Producer Profile – ChocoSol

Fruitful is back! Not Far From the Tree’s artisan preserve collection is returning for 2016, and we’re proud to feature our producing partners here on the blog.

a close-up shot of the Harvest Bars in progress - on the left, a mold with dehydrated fruit filled with dark chocolate, on the right, a mold with just dehydrated fruit
Harvest Bars in progress

ChocoSol is more than just a chocolate shop – it’s a philosophy . Starting in Mexico in 2004 and Toronto in 2006, ChocoSol works with Indigenous cacao growers in Mexico, a bird sanctuary in the Dominican Republic, and Ecuador to not only make great artisanal chocolate, but to convivially learn from each other, have an ecological sustainable business, and promote a just food system through regenerative research projects within communities. Aside from chocolate bars and drinking chocolate, ChocoSol also makes delicious tortillas and tamales with local non GMO corn and beans from Ontario farmers with their Tortilla Project, and with the ChocoSoil Project using vermiculture and composting to create their own soil for the  rooftop garden of edible weeds, and medicinal herbs used in the chocolate and Tortilla Project..  

three women making chocolate bars
NFFTT staff at ChocoSol with Chrystal, making the Harvest Bars! (Jenna on the left, Chrystal in the middle, Tatiana on the right)

One of my favourite things about ChocoSol is their dedication to community.

Aside from workshops and selling at farmers’ markets, they also encourage volunteers, interns and co-op students to join them at their shop to help with the chocolate making processes. Some of Not Far From the Tree’s volunteers and staff were lucky enough to participate in making the Harvest Bars you’ll find in your Fruitful pack, from chopping and dehydrating the fruit, to adding the chocolate, to packaging and labelling them.

ChocoSol has been one of our partners for several years now, and we’re thrilled to have them back again!

You can find ChocoSol at Their store is at 1131 St. Clair Avenue West, and they’re also at a variety of farmers’ markets around Toronto. Their Harvest Bars are made with apples and grapes from several locations in Toronto’s west end.


Fruitful provides you with your very own batch of handcrafted products and preserves. Each item in your 2016 Fruitful batch is artisanally produced by one of five local producers with fruit hand-picked this season with Not Far From The Tree.

Fruitful packs cost $60 and can be ordered online now, with pickup starting mid-November. Only 200 packs have been crafted, so order while supplies last! More information can be found at our shop.

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