Fruitful 2016 is Here!

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Fruitful 2016 is Here!

fruitful_reverse_optFruitful is back! Toronto’s favourite community-backed preserve initiative has returned.

As the end of the 2016 harvest season approaches, Not Far From The Tree is excited to give Torontonians the chance to enjoy the bounty of the city’s urban forest all winter long.

Our preserving initiative Fruitful will provide you with your very own batch of handcrafted products and preserves. Each item in your 2016 Fruitful batch is artisanally produced by one of five local producers with fruit hand-picked this season with Not Far From The Tree!

This year, grapes, apples and pears will be highlighted, since they were the most abundant fruits of the year. When you order your 2016 Fruitful pack, you will be treated to the following:

  • Grape Jelly by West End Food Co-op
  • Pear Butter by Café Belong or Jarred Preserves
  • Apple Onion Ale Relish by Manning Canning
  • Grape Anise Syrup by Evelyn’s Crackers
  • Harvest Bar by ChocoSol Traders

Throughout October, you will be able to purchase your Fruitful pack through advance sales online, and in person at Wychwood Farmer’s Market (dates to be announced).

Fruitful packs will be ready and available for pickup only starting mid-November, at both at our Wychwood Barns office, and an east end location TBD. Only 200 packs have been crafted, so order while supplies last!

Fruitful, originally launched in 2014, aims to raise awareness and appreciation of Toronto’s backyard bounty. Not Far From The Tree estimates that 1.5 million pounds of fruit grows in the city annually, including lesser known fruit and nuts like ginkgo, serviceberries, black walnut, crabapples, mulberries and quince.  Proceeds raised from Fruitful will go to support Not Far From The Tree’s fruit picking and sharing program in Toronto.

To pre-order your 2016 Fruitful pack, click here!

Not Far From the Tree would also like to extend our gratitude to Bernardin Canada, who donated all of the jars for Fruitful 2016.



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