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In the late fall, we found ourselves in a bit of a pickle (and not the delicious kind). The chilly weather was coming on fast and we were still without a winter home for a dozen of our beloved cargo bikes. Leaving our faithful bike fleet out in the cold was not an option, so we turned to friends and local businesses in search of a solution.

Thankfully, we found a safe, dry space to store each and every bike for the winter! A big thank you goes to Planet Storage who donated a storage locker where half of our bikes will be stored for the winter and spring.

Another BIG thank you goes to the volunteer cyclists who joined our Bike Brigade, braving the cold in late November to get the cargo bikes into storage (and saving our staff from what would have been a marathon of a day without your help). Thank you: Heidi, James, Heather, Paula, and Todd!

Volunteers helping with bikes

Planet Storage is conveniently located just off the north end of the West Toronto Railpath at Dupont & Dundas which meant a smooth ride for the Bike Brigaders. For those who aren’t familiar with the award-winning Railpath, it stretches south past Bloor all the way to Dundas, repurposing abandoned railway beds into both a transportation system and a park.


Plans are in the works to extend the path south to Queen Street, and maybe even beyond in future years. A community-based working group called Friends of the West Toronto Railpath have been assisting the City with the Railpath’s development and have also coincidentally been generous storage partners for Not Far From The Tree.

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  1. Becky Thomas

    Thanks so much for the tip! We are set for storage for the winter but we’ll be looking for storage for the spring and summer so that may come in handy.

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