A how-to guide for a greener winter

This post was written by Not Far From The Tree volunteer, Aysha Qamar. If you have a story to share, by all means send it along to info@notfarfromthetree.org.

Heavy winter jackets and bulky winter boots. That’s what comes to mind for most of us during the winter season.  The cold weather may make you want to curl up indoors with a cup of something warm and watch the snow fall. It may make you feel like you can’t do much for the environment when it’s all frozen outside, but is this really true? Of course not! We can continue being eco-friendly throughout the winter time, even if it doesn’t involve being outside.

Here are a few simple tips and tricks that can be done within the comfort of your home to help you have a guilt-free, eco-friendly winter!

1. Add your own insulation. Adding an extra pair of long-johns and an extra shirt can help you keep warm at home during the cold winters. Keeping warm with an extra layer of clothes at home means being able to turn down the heating by a few degrees!

2.Bring your garden indoors. The cold weather outside doesn’t mean your garden has to hibernate during the winter season! Plant small herbs in reusable pots near a kitchen or living room window. After winter is over, transfer the plants or seedlings into your garden.

3. Stop cold air from coming in. Many of us are unaware of small cracks and breaks near doors and windows that cause cold air to leak in. Take some time out and investigate your home to make sure all areas are safe from leaks. Consider weather-stripping areas such as backyard doors. This will help keep the temperature at home warmer, and will prevent you from having to turn up your thermostat. During the day, keep your blinds and curtains open to allow natural light and heat to come in. After sunset, close them to keep the heat locked in.

4. Unplug your appliances. With the change in the weather, there are a lot of household appliances that we no longer need to use. Your best bet is to unplug and store away these items to save energy. For example, put away your household fans, ice cream maker, etc.

5. If you use a car to get around, get nice and bundled up! Wear layers before you get into the car. This will allow you to stay warmer, and will prevent you from being tempted to warm-up your car by letting it remain idle. This also means less pollution from your car. Also, carpool! Not only will greater body heat let your car stay warm, it can help you save gas, and save the environment from being polluted.

Don’t let the cold weather get in the way of letting you care for the environment. Make smart decisions. Have a happy eco-friendly winter!

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  1. Naam

    My ice cream maker? Are you kidding? Ice cream tastes awesome DURING the winter!

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